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Weird Wonder Tales 15 variant
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1977 Marvel Market Research letter
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Paying 50 times Guide!

Marvel 30 Cent Price Variants Wanted!
In both 1976 and 1977, Marvel Comics had regional experiments on all titles. On all comics cover dated April to August 1976, which were normally priced at 25 cents, there were regional variants with 30 cent prices. The Flying Donut Trading Company is looking to get a full set of the 30 cent price variants, and will pay top dollar for certain comics with a 30 cent cover price.

No one will pay more for Marvel 30 cent variants!
$350 in NM:
Weird Wonder Tales 15
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$35 each in NM:
Kid Colt Outlaw 208, 209
Marvel Tales 68
Mighty Marvel Western 45
Rawhide Kid 133 and 134
Ringo Kid 28

Weird Wonder Tales 16, 17
We will also pay top dollar for the following comics with a 35 cent cover price:

$500 in NM:
Iron Fist 14
Star Wars 1

$150 in NM:
X-Men 105-107
Iron Fist 15

$50 in NM:
Amazing Spider-Man 167-172
Iron Man 100
Nova 12
Fantastic Four 183-187

For a good background on Marvel variants, check out Paul Merolle's website. He gives a good listing of all Marvel variants, as well as a scarcity index.


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