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Hello from the Flying Donut Trading Company!

Now Available! - HUGE new Silver Age Marvel Collection!
Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers on line. Others to come! If you have specific wants, drop us an e-mail.

The Flying Donut Trading Company specializes in Silver and Bronze Age comics. We can locate almost any comic published since 1958 and try to sell at a discounted price, Want lists always filled! Please check out our eBay auctions and let us know what we can do for you!

Please check out our market reports in Comic Book Marketplace, the best magazine for collectors out there. As an eBay auctioner since 1997, the Flying Donut Trading Company knows the ever-changing internet marketplace, and prices books at current market as determined by the internet and elsewhere, as opposed to a price guide. Some books for sale may be more expensive than guide, some less. You are paying market price. Click on the links and see if we can help you!

Sales Representative Program
Want to sell your collection but don't want to get ripped off by dealers paying you a nickel on the dollar for your books? Contact the Flying Donut Trading Company! We sell your collection for a percentage of gross sales, and you reap the benefits of:

  • retail sales

  • higher return on your investment

  • not having to do any work!
  • Do you have a closet full of old comics you would like to sell, but lack the time or comfort in listing them? That is where our new consignment service comes in to help. We do all the work for you; we scan your comics, type the descriptions that sell your comics, collect payment, ship to the winning bidders, and most importantly, promptly pay you as soon as we get paid.

    What does a service like this cost? We only get paid if you get paid. We charge 25% of the final selling price for this service.

    Unlike other consignment services you do not have to wait weeks for your auctions to get listed. You items will go live the same day we receive them in the mail. With auctions running 24 hours a day 7 days a week we will always have something for the buyers.

    Contact us at Flying Donut to let us know what items you have to sell. We'll take in from there!

    Marvel 30 Cent Price Variants Wanted!
    In both 1976 and 1977, Marvel Comics had regional experiments on all titles. On all comics cover dated April to August 1976, which were normally priced at 25 cents, there were regional variants with 30 cent prices. The Flying Donut Trading Company is looking to get a full set of the 30 cent price variants, and will pay top dollar for certain comics with a 30 cent cover price. No one will pay more for Marvel 30 cent variants!

    Always Buying High Quality Material!
    We won't lie and say we'll pay the "highest prices available" for your books. But if you have what we're looking for, you won't be sorry! Always looking for 1933-1975 material. High grade 1970s always wanted!

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